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1. Put Me Out

2. Take It Away

3. The Bird and the Worm

4. Listening

5. Kiss It Goodbye

6. I Come Alive

7. I Caught Fire

8. The Taste of Ink

9. All That I’ve Got

10. Buried Myself Alive

11. Blue and Yellow

12. Blood on My Hands

13. The Best of Me

14. Pretty Handsome Awkward


15. Now That You’re Dead

16. A Box Full of Sharp Objects

A quiet, still audience transformed into a crunched mob right before The Used came on stage during their June 1st concert at the Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Used played a variety of old favorites, such as “A Box Full of Sharp Objects” and ” The Bird and the Worm” and new hits, like “Put me Out”. Their new songs are from the album Vulnerable, which was released earlier this year.

Many of the fans reacted with equal enthusiasm to the old and new songs. Lead singer, Bert McCracken, was very involved with his audience. McCracken thanked his audience for attending his concert, rather than the Tech N9ne concert being held in a different room of the same venue. Before one of his songs, McCracken encouraged the audience to put an arm around the closest person and give them a kiss on the cheek. One audience member chose to give McCracken the middle finger after each song, which annoyed him. McCracken then told his fans to punch that audience member if he was still flicking him off by the end of the next song. McCracken referred to this method as sending his “army” after him. Since no massive fight broke out, the audience member likely was not beaten up.

During a majority of the songs, the audience was averagely involved. Members in the back of the crowd formed mosh pits nearly every song, and most people swayed to the music and cheered for the band. However, right before the song “Pretty Handsome Awkward” McCracken insisted that the crowd form a wall of death. During a wall of death, the crowd splits into two distinct halves and then rushes at each other in a fashion similar to a mosh pit. The audience abided enthusiastically. After ” Pretty Handsome Awkward” and the wall of death, The Used exited the stage. The audience cheered for an encore. After a few minutes, the band came back out and performed “Now That You’re Dead” and ” A Box Full of Sharp Objects”.

Click to see pictures from the concert that the venue took!