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1. Raised by Wolves
2. Tragic Magic
3. The Drug In Me Is You
4. I’m Not A Vampire
5. Good Girls Bad Guys
6. Pick Up The Phone
7. Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards
8. Sink Or Swim
9. Caught Like A Fly
10. Goodbye Graceful
11. The Westerner

“I’m back” as Ronnie said in “Tragic Magic”. Back to outrage some, incite others, and confuse the rest. Fans are not disappointed with Ronnie Radke’s new band, Falling in Reverse, and their album The Drug in Me is You. They are already saying things like user xxAskingSarahhxx who poseted, “I love the old ETF, But Falling In Reverse, Yeah, Their gonna take over.” in response to the song “Sink or Swim”.  After only five days of being released, each song has nearly 100,000 hits on Youtube.

The album held true to the style of singles such as “The Drug in Me is You” and “Raised by Wolves” which were released before the album. The video for “The Drug in Me is You” shows the personal, yet comical, approach the lyrics have taken. Lyrics from “Caught Like A Fly”,  have caught the attention of many listeners, with interpretations leading many to believe he is speaking about Max Green, a former friend and current ETF member. It speaks of betrayal, holding some very direct insults.  The song itself has a carnival vibe and a style that takes an interesting twist from the rest of their album. “Tragic Magic” is also similar to this lighter style, with a slower melody and softer instrumentals. However, both songs are still energetic and attention gripping. Some think “Tragic Magic” is aimed at Craig, the new singer of ETF. The lyrics ” I dug a hole ten miles wide, so I can throw all of you inside. You’re such a dumb fuck, you need to shut up. You bring a picture of me every time you get your haircut, impostor.” seem to most display this, as they reference an ETF song, “10 miles wide”.

The rest of the songs, “I’m Not a Vampire”, “Good Girls, Bad Guys”, “Pick Up the Phone”, “The Westerner”, and “Don’t Mess With Ouiji Board” are the most similar and can easily be compared to “The Drug in Me is You” and “Raised by Wolves”. However, they all have unique features and powerful lyrics. “I’m Not a Vampire”, “Good Girls, Bad Guys”, and “Pick Up the Phone” have lighter lyrics, not specifically speaking of Ronnie’s rough past. “The Westerner” has a tune similar to Halloween songs at the beginning, and is once again centered around Ronnie’s past with ETF and jail, causing fans to like, hate, and argue about it.

Ronnie’s vocals have greatly improved since the album Dying is Your Latest Fashion with ETF. Falling in Reverse has definitely sparked controversy with their lyrics, but have also added some unique features to the expectations of post hardcore. They didn’t shy away from unfamiliar instrumentals. Overall, this album is best suited for “old” ETF fans who don’t mind a little change.

Alert for Ronnie Radke’s new album “The Drug in Me is in You” with his band Falling in Reverse. It will be available as of July 26th, 2011. Of course, plenty has already been leaked on YouTube. When they released the song “Listen Up”, I have to admit I was not very impressed. My expectations were low and I figured he had changed a bit as an artist or was aiming for a new sound. However, They released the song Raised by Wolves” as a single, and it surpassed my previous expectations. He carries the old ETF sound with a new edge. I am greatly anticipating the official release of their new album. And better yet, THEY’RE GOING TO WARPED! Obviously, I have planned to see them and cannot wait. If you liked Escape The Fate with Radke in it, you will love this band. I do.

check out Raised By Wolves: