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Alert for Ronnie Radke’s new album “The Drug in Me is in You” with his band Falling in Reverse. It will be available as of July 26th, 2011. Of course, plenty has already been leaked on YouTube. When they released the song “Listen Up”, I have to admit I was not very impressed. My expectations were low and I figured he had changed a bit as an artist or was aiming for a new sound. However, They released the song Raised by Wolves” as a single, and it surpassed my previous expectations. He carries the old ETF sound with a new edge. I am greatly anticipating the official release of their new album. And better yet, THEY’RE GOING TO WARPED! Obviously, I have planned to see them and cannot wait. If you liked Escape The Fate with Radke in it, you will love this band. I do.

check out Raised By Wolves: