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Panic strikes. You’re a nervous pin in a haystack of large, musty men, and other music lovers. Air is a necessity, treasured, yet rare. The booming speakers shake your eardrums and the oceaneus crowd pushes you, unwillingly, from side to side. You’re trying to enjoy being in the same venue as your favorite band, but you’re barely surviving amongst the avid concert goers, and you realize it might have been helpful to research a few pointers before testing the dangerous concert waters.

Maybe your first concert went along these lines, or maybe you’re a natural and the experience was exceptional. Either way, it’s always useful to read up on a few pointers for the next time you choose to explore the live music scene. So, no, I’m no expert, I’m just giving suggestions of things I had to learn through less then pleasant incidences. Take it or leave it, I don’t really care.

1) The most important tip is saturated with common sense: do not go alone. You will regret it. If you are planning on meeting someone there, make sure to meet before the concert. You will not enjoy being squished like an ant entering a parade. If you think you are large, or smart, enough to go alone, you’re simply wrong. Maybe some people can do it. Maybe they’re wizards. If you aren’t, just don’t do it. Try not to be in too large of groups though, it’s easier to focus on staying with one person, and you’re more likely to be split up if you try to drag a train of people through the crowd.

2) You aren’t having family fun time on the beach, and I don’t think your possible foot fungus is that bad (if it is, well…… I’m sorry) so do not wear loose, thin, or open toed shoes. These people have no regards for your “little piggies”, so don’t expose them. Wearing shoes that cover your feet, but can’t stay on won’t help either. I personally experienced some trauma during an A Day to Remember concert, which involved losing my shoe in a mosh pit. If your shoes have laces, tie them.

3) Get there early. There are many advantages to being one of the first to arrive. There’s a chance to pick up on offers (free stuff is a bonus to anything), get first dibs on merch, camp out in your spot, and possibly meet the band(s) performing. It’s not as if you have to sprint there days in advance and cone of your area, but it’s nice to be able to explore a little. This is especially important if you didn’t buy tickets beforehand and plan on getting them at the door. It’s usually first come, first serve, and you never know if there will be tickets left.

4) Hydrate yourself. You don’t want to have to leave that pit just because you weren’t smart enough to drink enough water beforehand. Not to mention, buying one minuscule cup of water at these concerts can cost up to 3 dollars. Maybe you’re okay with wasting that on something that’s free… I don’t suggest it. Sure, you might want to pee out the excess before you find your permanent place in the crowd, but it helps not to feel like fainting.

5) You do not need to make a fashion statement; there is no need for layers. Wear as few as possible. Even in the dead center of winter, I suggest good fitting jeans and a T-shirt. This rule is valuable for many reasons. If you purchase merchandise (merch) it is a lot easier to put it on that try to carry it around. If you have a profound sweat disorder, wearing fewer layers may help prevent your excess sweat from drenching others. Just a thought. It helps keep you cool, is less to keep track of, and helps turn you into a human clothing rack for your new merch.

6) Don’t waste your time going to concerts of bands you don’t know. It’s okay if you’re looking for a new experience, but I wouldn’t recommend it for your first few concerts. There’s nothing more awkward than everyone else jammin’ along to their favorite songs while you sit there like “I play solitaire…”

7) Stand your ground. Everyone wants to get to the front. Don’t fall for the bullshit stories about their friend being “right in front of you”. Make sure you have a firm stance and don’t get trampled. Move with the crowd, don’t be the deer that ends up smushed from the stampede. Most importantly PUSH BACK. (However, if you are punched, don’t punch them back. It might result in an unnecessary brawl).

8) Don’t act like you’ve never been to a concert before. They target the newbies. It might result in them conning you out of your spot. Or maybe even in death. Generally,  try to get the feel for your surroundings early and blend in. As much as you may believe it’s so great to be “different” and that you are grandly unique, it is not always beneficial. Besides, depending on the concert, a lot of people think their super alternative ways are something special, so you’d probably fit in anyways.

Follow these suggestions and you might make it out alive. Share your own concert experiences or pictures with us. If you have any other questions or suggestions, don’t be afraid to ask.


01. Le Prologue
02. The Sick, Sick, 6.8 Billion
03. Renegade ‘86
04. Enemigos / Enemies
05. Casino Columbus
06. Muther
07. Homeless Jazz
08. We, The Pros Of Con
09. H. Ledger
10. Over Being Under
11. Day 54

Because A Day To Remember is my favorite band, I tend to know and enjoy many bands with a similar sound/style. Not all the bands with similarities have the exact same sound, but they all have preferable qualities in common. As they have developed, their sound has changed. The bands mentioned here might be similar to their old or new style, with some being comparable to both. Bands are presented in no specific order of similarity. They are especially recommended for those who like A Day To Remember or other post-hardcore bands, but are also helpful in experiencing or gaining new music tastes. I suggest you give them all a chance, no matter how different your current preferences are.

Asking Alexandria– A little heavier than A Day To Remember, but still sharing many qualities, is Asking Alexandria. They are considered metal-core by most who enjoy them. I suggest them if you enjoyed the songs: Sticks and Bricks, Heartless, Shot in the Dark, 2nd Sucks, and Start the Shooting.

Four Year Strong- This band can basically be described as A Day To Remember without the screaming. The album most similar to A Day To Remember is “Enemy of the World”. They carry a more pop punk style, while still remaining lyrically strong. If you enjoy A Day To Remember’s most recent album, “What Separates Me From You” then you will appreciate their style.

Close To Home- This generally unknown band is highly similar to A Day To Remember. They have slightly less screaming, but their instrumentals sound nearly identical, which is very obvious in the beginning of their song “Headphones”. They have a slightly more upbeat style, similar to easy-core.

Chunk! Captain No Chunk- Chunk has a unique name, with a style to match. They have been compared to A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, and Set Your Goals. Their cleans are most comparable to Set Your Goals. They would also be considered a pop-punk/easy-core band. An upbeat sound, combining a few screams, high energy instrumentals, and a solid delivery make this band enjoyable and unique. For some, they have an acquired taste, but I have personally grown to like their sound. For first time listeners I suggest the song “Born For Adversity”.

Close Your Eyes-  Close Your Eyes has made me learn to appreciate Christian bands. They do not shove their beliefs down your throat, and instead leave many of the lyrics up for interpretation. I met the lead singer during their concert with A Day To Remember. They are a down to earth band who is doing what they love. Their second album, “We Will Overcome” is the most similar to A Day To Remember. One thing that stands out most about this band, setting them apart from a lot of similar bands, is their clean vocals. There is a very original sound to their lead singer’s vocals.

Adept- I instantly fell in love with this band when I heard them. They manage to bring an intense, yet upbeat sound to their music. Their album “Death Dealers” is my favorite, and I suggest starting there when checking out this band. They are similar to A Day To Remember in terms of genre, but have a less pop-punk sound, carrying a more metal-core/solid post-hardcore sound.

Confide- There have been many rumors that this band broke up, but they still have two fantastic albums to offer. “Shout the Truth” and their most recent album, “Recover” are two albums you must hear. They are more similar to Asking Alexandria in “Shout the Truth” but toned down their screaming and sound a bit more like A Day To Remember in “Recover”.

Our Last Night- This band truly perfected its style with its most recent album “We Will All Evolve”. They are very comparable to A Day To Remember’s album “For Those Who Have A Heart”. They are a personal favorite because of how their cleans and screams fit together, along with their catchy beats, and lyrics. Their development as a band from the past is tremendous, and impressive.

We Came As Romans- We Came As Romans is somewhat of a blend between Asking Alexandria and A Day To Remember. They added some synthetic sounds that A Day to Remember lacks, and don’t really contain any pop-punk. Their ratio of screams to cleans is similar to A Day To Remember’s. I am interested to see how they will change in their upcoming album. As of now, they have a gratifying sound, but still have many areas that could use slight tweaking.

Some bands similar to A Day To Remember that I am not well- versed on , but still enjoy, include: Farewell to Freeway, Hopes Die Last, Kid Liberty (VERY similar to Four Year Strong), Oh Sweet Ransom, Run Into The Shadows, and Parkway Drive.


Check out the site for some more bands like A Day To Remember!

If you have any suggestions on topics for “Similar Bands”, Reviews, Interviews, or if we’ve left out any bands you believe deserve a spot  feel free to leave a comment.

Death Dealers Track List

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01 – First Round, First Minute
02 – The Lost Boys
03 – No Guts, No Glory
04 – This Could Be Home
05 – At World’s End
06 – By The Wrath of Akakabuto
07 – If I’m A Failure, You’re A Tragedy
08 – Hope
09 – Death Dealers
10 – The Ivory Tower
11 – From The Depths of Hell
12 – This Ends Tonight

Sometimes change goes unnoticed, merely adding an element that nobody can quite describe. Other times it fuels harsh criticism and deep nostalgia. In Asking Alexandria’s third full length album, Reckless and Relentless, both transformations blended for a slightly unsettling, yet moderately enjoyable album.

The pre-released song, Morte et Dabo, gave undeserving hope to those with an obsession for Asking Alexandria’s harsh breakdowns and talented high screams. Although it gave a new perspective to the band, it is still quite different from the general sound of the album. Deserving or not, audiences expect consistency from a band. This unrealistic expectation is often crushed, but can be reconsidered when altered aspects outweigh previous antics.

 The intro, Welcome, begins with a melodic, synthesized orchestra and breaks into screamed to vocals. At this point, I was not yet disenchanted. The balance of screamed vocals and clean vocals was relative to expectations in most of their songs, such as: Closure, A Lesson Never Learned, To The Stage, Breathless, and The Match. However, the other few songs were a grave upset, lacking the intense breakdowns and screamed vocals that were desired. Even in the songs with the optimal balance, the clean vocals were quite different from their previous album. It may be the band simply developing into their niche, but some are left unimpressed.

 Lack of enjoyment may be in part the listener’s fault.  Most bands will not remain identical for their entire career. Asking Alexandria was a fairly new band, and change in style should have been expected. Despite criticism of their “generic” tactics, they add a unique sound to the metal-core/ post-hardcore genre and have hooked many fans worldwide. They will be playing on the main stage this year at Warped Tour, and despite results from some of their other concerts, are expected to have a loyal audience.

Overall Rating- The awkward mark between satisfactory and pleasant.