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Traffic is an awful thing.  Awful for the environment, awful for sanity and awful for trying to get to a concert on time.

Traffic caused StorkMusic to miss Parachute’s performance of ‘What I Know’ (iTunes free single a few weeks back).  Despite the disappointment of missing the opening of Parachute’s set, the rest of it completely made up for it. The band members of Parachute display a vast array of musical talent— multiple sets of keys, two saxophones, a multitude of guitars and foundation bass and drums.

Parachute’s frontman, Will Anderson is interactive and entertaining.  Not afraid to get up close and personal with a his fans, he jumps up onto the crowd barriers and uses heads of fans as support to keep from falling, gives countless high fives and even breaks out his own camera to mimic fans taking pictures of him on stage.

It’s becoming rarer to find bands who sound like their recorded albums, but the musical consistency of Parachute is one quality of the band not to be taken for granted.  A Parachute show begs for sing-alongs to classics like ‘She Is Love’ (featured in a Nivea commercial), ‘Back Again’ and ‘Under Control.’  Overall, Parachute offers an energetic, true-to-record performance.

Check out some photos from their Summerfest show on StorkMusic’s Flickr page.