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Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, hinted at his next album this week at San Deigo’s Comic-Con and even performed a treat for the audience; a new rap that references Invader Zim and even the infamous Casey Anthony.

Watch and enjoy!


Ain’t Too Childish

Posted: April 15, 2011 by storkmusic in Album Review
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I watch Community. I think it’s a funny show. Starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, Community makes up the first half hour of NBC’s comedy block. However, it’s not the stars that make the show great; it’s the ensemble cast and the great writing.

Donald Glover, who plays Troy “Butt Soup” Barnes on the show, is by far the funniest. His lines are always top notch (or for community fans “NOTCHES”) and sometimes improvisational. His wit also translated into the writing game. Glover even wrote for Emmy-winning “30 Rock.” But how would Glover act as a rapper?

That’s right. A rapper. Childish Gambino. Donald Glover. At first it doesn’t translate. If you look at Donald, he doesn’t scream “Gangsta.” But he is. Gambino is a dirty, lyrical genius.

His last two albums, both available online for free, have been written by Glover and composed by Community’s Ludwig Göransson. EP, his newest, features 5 tracks full of inappropriate rhymes and pop culture references. The jokes are even good enough to stand alone, without the music.

An elephant never forgets, so my dick remembers everything

Took the G out your waffle all you got left is your ego

And my clique make that dinero, so it’s time to meet the Fockers. I am running this bitch, you are just a dog walker.

Glover/Gambino’s indie raps are reminiscent of an old Kanye West, a clever, line-spitting lyricist. People just refer to him as “Troy” from “that one NBC show with the guy from The Hangover,” but he’s better than that. He’s one of the best undiscovered rappers of the decade.

Visit for more info and to download the free EP


1. Be Alone

2. Freaks and Geeks

3. My Shine

4. Lights Turned On

5. Not Going Back ft. Beldina Makaika