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Stuck on repeat…

If a band could represent summertime, Sparks the Rescue would be the epitome.  Their previous record, Eyes to the Sun, would be the peak—July when summer has already kicked off, and the return to monotony and back-to-school shopping is still beyond the horizon.  Their current album on the other hand, The Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With, is August.  While still entertaining, what was jotted on a mental to-do list has been completed, and lemonade and tans have been utilized to the max.

‘I Swear That She’s The One’ off Eyes To The Sun and ‘Thought You Were The One’ off The Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With are glaring representations of the blaze and burnout of a summer fling.

WTIBCW (StorkMusic’s shortened acronym for the current album), is an album begging to be played on car stereos with the windows down, accompanied by too-loud sing alongs.  Poppy, sure.  Catchy, undoubtedly.

The album opens with ‘Saturday Skin,’ a perfect, upbeat tune with subtly appalling undertones.  The first run through of the songs begs for a replay— did he just say what I thought he said?  Chased by the equally catchy single of ‘She’s a bitch and I’m a fool,’ it becomes clear the album isn’t meant for young ears.  WTIBCW is like that ‘lamp’ optical illusion ever-present on so many side bar advertisements about credit scores—at first glance, or in this case, listen, it is innocent and chaste.  After a second listen, the impeccably cheerful vocals give way to a far more raunchy underlying tone.

 A number of darker tracks, ‘The Weirdest Way,’ ‘High and Hazy,’ and ‘Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With’ sit in a cluster—much like that little patch of time during summer when fun and sun finally start to catch up and become slightly overwhelming.  That little slump is easily recovered from with another ice cream cone, in this case, the chaser duo of ‘Better Side of Me’ and ‘Postcard of a Tidal Wave.’  ‘Better Side of Me’ gives way to a catchy, comical rap feature by ‘I’m Awesome’ singer, Spose.  Both Spose and Sparks the Rescure hail from Maine, lending some explanation to the weird, albeit harmonious collaboration.

‘Postcard of a Tidal Wave’ is one of the catchiest songs of the album, telling the story of a failed relationship in a more lighthearted way, supported with catchy choruses and Maine and Hawaii similies.

The rest of the album finishes off with solid summertime tracks, concluding with ‘Thought You Were the One,’ equally as catchy as its predecessor on Eyes to the Sun, though obviously less optimistic.

And the golden bonus track—a dedication to the most sane man on the planet, Charlie Sheen, will melt your face off.  After you realize that you’ve got tiger’s blood in your veins, of course. ‘Better Side of Me (Charlie Sheen Version)’ is a simple masterpiece—pure genius.  Packed full of references to the warlock, this track is almost worthy of being the sole reason to buy the album. Winning, duh.