About Us

In a journalism class two years ago, we were told music articles would no longer be accepted as “worthy” contributions to the school newspaper.  So we decided to start our own site to write about all the music we loved.  Now, we’re still writing about all the music that we love, and are sharing it with you!

STORK was founded by five opinionated music lovers who had first names starting with the letters S, T, O, R, and K.  They realized that they shared a common interest in music and wanted to create an outlet to express their opinions and share their favorite music with the rest of the world. Despite their diverse personalities, the group works well to deliver the dynamics of music with their own twists.

It’s simple, really.

We don’t deliver babies, we deliver maybes.

Maybes— as in maybe you’ll like the music we talk about, or maybe you’ll hate it. Win win either way. You find music to stay away from, or you find music you can’t get enough of.

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