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Recently I’ve been downloading a lot of mashups, I think I’m addicted. I usually look at r/mashups, but sometimes searching YouTube and SoundCloud get you quality stuff as well. Anyways, I’d like to introduce a new segment on our show, Mashup Monday, where I recommend one of my favorite mashups in my library.

My first recommendation: Radioactive Swimming Pools by isosine. Original songs are Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and Swimming Pools by Kendrick Lamar. Seriously, a fantastic mashup. It flows so well, it makes the originals sound weird to me now. You can listen it to here. Make sure to give the dude some credit, like him on facebook! He has the download link in the description of the video. Check it out!

That’s all I got folks. If you have any suggestions, ideas for how to make Mashup Monday magnificent, comment and tell me!



Legendary was released this morning and already it’s being played on repeat.  It’s incredibly catchy—the perfect soundtrack for spring and summer drives with the windows down.
LegendaryTrack List

01. Maybe Tonight

02. Life Goes On (Jukebox)

03. Boomerang

04.Lightning In a Bottle

05.Heart on the Floor (Feat. Dia Frampton)

06. F**k U Over

07.Happy For You

08. The Way We Were

09. 7 Days

10. Someday

11. Rescue

12.  Legendary

13.  One Night (Bonus Track)

The album title just begs a correlation to How I Met Your Mother and if you take a listen to ‘Legendary’ you will not be disappointed.  The Summer Set seems to have a common thread throughout everything they do.  Monsters in beds, the Mona Lisa and James Dean make repeat appearances in The Summer Set’s discography.

One of the catchiest tracks on the album is ‘Lightning In a Bottle.’  The tune has a Katy Perry ‘Teenage Dream’ vibe and will undoubtedly be a crowd favorite on their current tour.  ‘Boomerang’ and ‘F**k U Over’ both rank high on the list of catchiness, which was probably why they were released as singes.

Previous Summer Set albums have been generous with their slower ballad tracks, but it seems as if Legendary is a bit more upbeat.  ‘Heart on the Floor’ is still a ballad, but has strong piano backing and guest vocals by The Voice contestant Dia Frampton.  Songs with ‘ooh ooh’ verses are always the catchiest.

Overall Legendary is a fantastic album—probably the best they’ve ever released.  Pick it up on iTunes and let us know what you think about it!

@storkmusic and @tweerexy