Roster McCabe (Feat. Mello Yello Man??)

Posted: July 7, 2012 by omerrrrrr in Concert Review, Uncategorized


It was hot. Everyone at Summerfest was feeling the heat, and was searching for somewhere cool to rest before the headliners began in a few hours. If they were lucky enough to stop at the Tiki Stage, they were in for a treat.

Roster McCabe has been around since 2007, and has been named by Billboard Magazine as an up and coming band for the future, but I certainly hadn’t heard of them. Admittedly, I only sat down because of the large trees around the stage that provided the best shade I had seen all day. But once the performance began, I was pleasantly surprised.

Every person in the rapidly growing audience was tapping their foot and bobbing their head. Their music really relaxed a very tense crowd on a hot, uncomfortable day.  Maybe it was the heat getting to me or something, but I couldn’t find anything I disliked about them. Vocals were great and there were some awesome guitar solos.

If the good music and shade wasn’t attractive enough, a man I like to call “Mello Yello Man” helped bring the Tiki Stage past capacity. This man got up as Roster McCabe began their first song, and continually danced throughout the set. Tiring stuff, his Mello Yello shirt became a bit darker once it became absolutely drenched in sweat. I saw him about three hours later at a nearby stage, and I am not sure if he ever took a break, talk about dedication.

Personally, I will be looking forward to more Roster McCabe. If you need some music to relax to, I highly recommend you check them out yourself.



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