Although it’s easy to become stuck listening to the same bands on repeat, it can just as easily become extremely boring. Once you’ve gotten to the point where all of your bands are listed as “similar’ to each other it can be difficult to leave that familiar circle of bands. Finding new bands not only prevents you from becoming bored, it expands your music horizon, allows you to find and follow the growth of smaller, unknown bands, and opens up new concert opportunities. If searching “bands similar to..” on the internet just isn’t cutting it for you anymore, these next few tips are vital to your music life.

1. Ask your friends:

Asking around “the old fashioned way” is a method for discovering new music that many overlook. Simply asking your friends, or even strangers, what they’re listening to can help you find new bands, or even rediscover old ones. Friends who have similar taste in music may have found bands you haven’t had the time to. In addition, they probably got music suggestions from their other friends, who got music suggestions from their friends. By asking other people for recommendations, you open doors to many different musical influences. Asking your friends for new music, as well as sharing what you’ve found with them, will help you to constantly update your music collection.

2. Don’t ignore the suggestions from YouTube or  iTunes

When jamming to your favorite bands on YouTube or iTunes, divert your eyes to view the suggestions. Even though the suggestions often contain bands you already listen to one have heard of, clicking on them can lead you to other suggestions and so on until you end up with a band you’ve never heard of. Experimenting with the suggestions is a simple way to browse bands that are related to one you like.

3. Use the right sites

Google searching your favorite bands is only so efficient, but using specific sites that generate  music suggestions just for you can be quite handy.Make sure to try (all mentioned sites can be used for free) is extremely user friendly. Search for your favorite band, album, or song, and instantly find information on it. For the artists, you can find lists of similar artists as well as a short bio. Each similar artist is also ranked in similarity. (super similarity to lower similarity). A radio can also be played, similar to on Pandora, of your selected artists and artists similar to the one you selected.

On Gnoosic, all you do is enter three of your favorite bands. Then, Gnoosic provides you with band suggestions. On the suggestions, you must indicate whether you like, dislike, or don’t know the band Gnoosic is recommending. Many of the suggestions are unfamiliar, so Gnoosic does a respectable job providing you with truly new music.

Music map is a great tool for visualizing how similar the suggestions are to the desired band. You enter one band and a web of suggestions surrounds the band name you entered. The closer a band is to the band you entered, the more similar it is. Clicking on any of the suggestions changes the map to fit the new selected band.


Tuneglue is very similar to the music map. You enter a band, and click “expand” for  suggestions. On any of the suggestions, you can also “expand” to find suggestions.  Any suggestions that fit multiple bands will connect.

4. Don’t get stuck in a genre

If you insist on expanding your music library only within a certain realm, you won’ get very far. Nobody is saying you have to attend a country ho-down if you’re enthralled by the rap scene, but dabbling in other genres can yield some interesting results. To get some valuable suggestions from a different genre you can talk to friends with other music tastes, listen to different radio stations, or browse the internet.

5. Go to a random concert

Going to concerts of your favorite bands is a great time, but it also surrounds you with the same fans and bands that you’re used to. Attending a concert of a band you’ve never listened to, don’t like, or don’t know can be a beneficial experience both musically and socially. Hearing a band live fist can add an element to their music that you wouldn’t have experienced by hearing them through scratchy speakers (even if your speakers are brand-spanking-new, it is not the same a concert scenario).

6. Revisit old favorites

It is easy to get trapped in the “new” of finding new music. One simple, often overlooked, method of finding new songs is by checking out bands you already know. In all likelihood, at least one of the bands you listen to has produced something new  that you aren’t aware of. It’s difficult to keep up with hundreds of bands but if you are seeking some new songs from a comfortable genre, revisit old bands.

Hopefully these tips will inspire new branches on your tree of musical interest. If you desire, submit your own suggestions on how you find great, new music.


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