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01.  Saturday Skin

02.  She’s a Bitch, and I’m a Fool

03.  The Weirdest Way

04.  High and Hazy

05.  Worst Thing I’ve Been Cursed With

06.  Better Side of Me

07.  Postcard of a Tidal Wave

08.  Vanities

09.  Holiday

10.  60 Minutes of Fame

11.  How to Make a Heart Hollow

12.  Thought You Were the One

13.  Better Side of Me (Charlie Sheen Version)

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If you enjoy Escape the Fate, especially their sound in Dying is Your Latest Fashion, then these bands may also be a pleasure to your ears.

1. Oh Sweet Ransom: Upon first listen, this band immediatly reminded me of Escape the Fate. Their vocals sound highly similar, with a bit of screams blended in. My personal favorite is The Arsonist Vs. The Assassin. It shows this similarity in great highlight. Lyrically, they also have a lot in common. This song, and a few others, seem to tell a tale of tragedy that the listener can apply in their own way. This is unique in the music industry, because a lot of more recent songs have shifted away from telling stories and headed in the direction of just expressing an emotion or thought.

2. Black Veil Brides: Personally, I don’t really enjoy them. However, I can see the resemblance to E.T.F. It’s nothing against their style, I was just not hooked by this particular band. On the contrary, they have gained many new fans in recent years, due to their ability to be similar to well known bands while throwing in their own twist. “Knives and Pens” is where I would start to gain familiarity about this band. Their overall sound is quite similar to E.T.F, but the signer has a particularly unique voice, in my opinion.

3. Lovehatehero: This band is not AS similar as the previously listed, but if you enjoy E.T.F you might have an interest in lovehatehero. I suggest checking out the song “Echoes”. Their singer has a fantastic voice, which gives the band its own edge. Composure of their music is somewhat similar to E.T.F.



Terror Concert Review

Posted: June 6, 2011 by storkmusic in Concert Review

Terror Concert Review

I’ve been to a load of concerts in these past months, to bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, but seeing Terror with Stick To Your Guns and Trapped Under Ice really reminded me how spectacular small scale shows can be. Don’t misinterpret me, The Devil Wears Prada is one of my top favorite bands of all time, but feeling the adrenaline of being packed into a small bar with over a hundred people as stage divers shoot over your head like cannons and breakdowns rage through the room is really incomparable to a large scale concert. Terror is leading a must see tour that ends soon- and I’d recommend you buy your tickets quickly.

With a run time of about four hours, six bands with about thirty to forty five minutes of music a piece. I didn’t care too much for the first three bands (Cause for Revelation, Your Demise, and Close Your Eyes), but I would recommend taking a gander at their music, they sounded fantastic. As the concert went on, the amount of people packed into the small venue. As soon as Trapped Under Ice played, it was apparent that the crowd was ready for some action. Before I knew it, the pit was filled and the moshing and the throw down had begun. A few rebellious kids climbed on stage and threw themselves onto the unaware concert goers, which was pretty entertaining due to the fact that some of the crowd didn’t want to catch them at first. As the set ended, the room was about twenty degrees warmer than before.

Soon Stick To Your Guns gathered their gear and began their set, and the crowd loved it. The pit was filled to the brim during the breakdowns, the front of the stage was crammed with fans waiting for the mic to come near their reach, and even more people shuffled in as the set powered on. STYG played some of their better known songs, such as Amber, which led to pushing towards the stage and the chanting of lyrics spinning around the room. The set ended after a leviathan performance of “This is More” which led to the crowd charging the stage, taking the mic and then a group stage dive into a final mass throw down.

I didn’t think that Terror could have topped STYG, their set was one of the best I had ever seen, and I was still coming off of my adrenaline high. I was wrong. I can’t give you a play by play on what went down, because quite frankly, I don’t know myself. I had my eyes on the pit and to the sky as lead singer/screamer Scott Vogel called for stage divers to assault the crowd; and they did. Their music to me wasn’t appealing, but the mood and emotion it evoked was unmatched by any other band that night. I ended up throwing down in the pits, soaring through the air in multiple stage dives, and absorbing the energy that the band delivered like a hardcore sponge.

Go see this concert if it comes near you, I can’t rave enough about how much all of the participating bands delivered. As I left the venue my only wish was to charge the stage once more to end Stick To Your Guns’ set, or to go stage diving as double bass ate up the speakers. I still get an adrenaline rush thinking about it. Dates are posted on Terror’s and STYG’s Facebook pages for upcoming shows- make sure not to miss this monumental concert when it comes near you.