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Because A Day To Remember is my favorite band, I tend to know and enjoy many bands with a similar sound/style. Not all the bands with similarities have the exact same sound, but they all have preferable qualities in common. As they have developed, their sound has changed. The bands mentioned here might be similar to their old or new style, with some being comparable to both. Bands are presented in no specific order of similarity. They are especially recommended for those who like A Day To Remember or other post-hardcore bands, but are also helpful in experiencing or gaining new music tastes. I suggest you give them all a chance, no matter how different your current preferences are.

Asking Alexandria– A little heavier than A Day To Remember, but still sharing many qualities, is Asking Alexandria. They are considered metal-core by most who enjoy them. I suggest them if you enjoyed the songs: Sticks and Bricks, Heartless, Shot in the Dark, 2nd Sucks, and Start the Shooting.

Four Year Strong- This band can basically be described as A Day To Remember without the screaming. The album most similar to A Day To Remember is “Enemy of the World”. They carry a more pop punk style, while still remaining lyrically strong. If you enjoy A Day To Remember’s most recent album, “What Separates Me From You” then you will appreciate their style.

Close To Home- This generally unknown band is highly similar to A Day To Remember. They have slightly less screaming, but their instrumentals sound nearly identical, which is very obvious in the beginning of their song “Headphones”. They have a slightly more upbeat style, similar to easy-core.

Chunk! Captain No Chunk- Chunk has a unique name, with a style to match. They have been compared to A Day To Remember, Four Year Strong, and Set Your Goals. Their cleans are most comparable to Set Your Goals. They would also be considered a pop-punk/easy-core band. An upbeat sound, combining a few screams, high energy instrumentals, and a solid delivery make this band enjoyable and unique. For some, they have an acquired taste, but I have personally grown to like their sound. For first time listeners I suggest the song “Born For Adversity”.

Close Your Eyes-  Close Your Eyes has made me learn to appreciate Christian bands. They do not shove their beliefs down your throat, and instead leave many of the lyrics up for interpretation. I met the lead singer during their concert with A Day To Remember. They are a down to earth band who is doing what they love. Their second album, “We Will Overcome” is the most similar to A Day To Remember. One thing that stands out most about this band, setting them apart from a lot of similar bands, is their clean vocals. There is a very original sound to their lead singer’s vocals.

Adept- I instantly fell in love with this band when I heard them. They manage to bring an intense, yet upbeat sound to their music. Their album “Death Dealers” is my favorite, and I suggest starting there when checking out this band. They are similar to A Day To Remember in terms of genre, but have a less pop-punk sound, carrying a more metal-core/solid post-hardcore sound.

Confide- There have been many rumors that this band broke up, but they still have two fantastic albums to offer. “Shout the Truth” and their most recent album, “Recover” are two albums you must hear. They are more similar to Asking Alexandria in “Shout the Truth” but toned down their screaming and sound a bit more like A Day To Remember in “Recover”.

Our Last Night- This band truly perfected its style with its most recent album “We Will All Evolve”. They are very comparable to A Day To Remember’s album “For Those Who Have A Heart”. They are a personal favorite because of how their cleans and screams fit together, along with their catchy beats, and lyrics. Their development as a band from the past is tremendous, and impressive.

We Came As Romans- We Came As Romans is somewhat of a blend between Asking Alexandria and A Day To Remember. They added some synthetic sounds that A Day to Remember lacks, and don’t really contain any pop-punk. Their ratio of screams to cleans is similar to A Day To Remember’s. I am interested to see how they will change in their upcoming album. As of now, they have a gratifying sound, but still have many areas that could use slight tweaking.

Some bands similar to A Day To Remember that I am not well- versed on , but still enjoy, include: Farewell to Freeway, Hopes Die Last, Kid Liberty (VERY similar to Four Year Strong), Oh Sweet Ransom, Run Into The Shadows, and Parkway Drive.


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Lucky Street Track List

Posted: April 17, 2011 by storkmusic in Track List

Get Go Radio’s Lucky Street, available on Amazon, iTunes and at Target!

01.  Lucky Street

02.  Any Other Heart

03.  Singing With The King

04.  Strength To Stay

05.  Swear Like You Mean It

06.  Why I’m Home

07.  Kill The Beast

08.  Hold On

09.  Forever My Father

10.  Fight, Fight (Reach For The Sky)

11.  House of Hallways

12.  Redemption In The Verse

13.  The Truth Is

[14.  Forever My Father (Featuring Erin and Daniel Lancaster)]

Check out the lyrics here.

Recent lyricism has come in a roundabout way to focus on poppin’ bottles and throwing glitter—not that those aren’t fun, catchy and money making tactics, but sometimes a dose of substance and interpretation offered by heartfelt, personally written lyrics is needed.

Instead of a Dr. Luke brainchild destined for a top spot on the iTunes 100 and immediate radio syndication, Go Radio has managed to counter the grammatically challenged synth-pop hits with their debut full length Lucky Street.

Simply put, Go Radio’s lyrics are masterpieces ranging from lovesick confessions to heartbreaking remembrances.   Do Overs and Second Chances closed with ‘Goodnight Moon’—a song almost any girl would love to think is written about her.  The fan favorite was a fantastic taste of what was to come on Lucky Street.

The album opens with its title eponymous track, an attention grabbing tale of red balloons backed by impeccably catchy, rhythmic guitar riffs and drumbeats.  Frontman Jason Lancaster’s vocals are raw, but in the best way possible.  No sugar coating or autotuning required—ensuring a stellar live performance.

‘Lucky Street’ perfectly sets the tone for the record, priming the listener for a collection of songs brimming with catchy choruses and impeccable depth.  While some artists write songs with the intentions of implanting a song lyric (DiCaprio Inception -esque), Go Radio writes with the intention of emotion and storytelling, effortlessly ending up with a repetitive verse.

Possibly one of the most alluding songs on the record, ‘Singing With The King’ subtly references music greats and even friends dear and near to the band.  Almost every additional listen to the song sparks an ‘aha’ moment when a reference is picked up.

Taking a slight break from the more upbeat, rock tracks is ‘Why I’m Home.’  Lancaster’s lyrics are undeniably raw and heartfelt, displaying the versatility of the frontman’s vocals.  From a rocker’s angsty, biting tone to a raspy almost-falsetto, his ability truly shines.

Like ‘Why I’m Home,’ ‘Forever My Father’ (which makes two appearances on the record) is another heartfelt piece, open to interpretation and application, but written in memoriam of Lancaster’s father.  The song displays exemplary emotion and substance, especially on the version featuring two of the other Lancaster siblings.

Lucky Street provides a variety of tracks—from the more rock heavy ‘Strength to Stay’ and ‘Fight Fight (Reach For The Sky)’ to the more acoustic ‘Hold On’ and melodic ‘House Of Hallways.’  Overall, the album is a solid representation of what Go Radio is—a versatile, honest and talented group of individuals.

Rating: Undeniably kick ass.

[‘The truth is’…Go Radio writes some of the most incredible music.]


Ain’t Too Childish

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I watch Community. I think it’s a funny show. Starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, Community makes up the first half hour of NBC’s comedy block. However, it’s not the stars that make the show great; it’s the ensemble cast and the great writing.

Donald Glover, who plays Troy “Butt Soup” Barnes on the show, is by far the funniest. His lines are always top notch (or for community fans “NOTCHES”) and sometimes improvisational. His wit also translated into the writing game. Glover even wrote for Emmy-winning “30 Rock.” But how would Glover act as a rapper?

That’s right. A rapper. Childish Gambino. Donald Glover. At first it doesn’t translate. If you look at Donald, he doesn’t scream “Gangsta.” But he is. Gambino is a dirty, lyrical genius.

His last two albums, both available online for free, have been written by Glover and composed by Community’s Ludwig Göransson. EP, his newest, features 5 tracks full of inappropriate rhymes and pop culture references. The jokes are even good enough to stand alone, without the music.

An elephant never forgets, so my dick remembers everything

Took the G out your waffle all you got left is your ego

And my clique make that dinero, so it’s time to meet the Fockers. I am running this bitch, you are just a dog walker.

Glover/Gambino’s indie raps are reminiscent of an old Kanye West, a clever, line-spitting lyricist. People just refer to him as “Troy” from “that one NBC show with the guy from The Hangover,” but he’s better than that. He’s one of the best undiscovered rappers of the decade.

Visit for more info and to download the free EP


1. Be Alone

2. Freaks and Geeks

3. My Shine

4. Lights Turned On

5. Not Going Back ft. Beldina Makaika



Lasers Tracklist

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File:Lupe Fiasco Lasers.jpg

Track List

01- Letting Go

02 – Words I Never Said

03 – Till I Get There

04 – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now

05 – Out Of My Head

06 – The Show Goes On

07 – Beautiful Lasers

08 – Coming Up

09 – State Run Radio

10 – Break the Chain

11 – All Black Everything

12 – Never Forget You

Lupe is Back

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Four years since his last album, Lupe Fiasco is back, better than ever. Lasers sold 204,000 copies in the first week, Fiasco’s most successful album ever.  After postponing multiple albums, Fiasco’s release of Love Always Shines Everytime, Remember 2 Smile, called for peace around the world. The “A” in Lasers was written over an “O”. In the Lasers Manifesto that was released on YouTube and Fiasco’s main website, Fiasco said, “We want knowledge, understanding & peace. We will not lose because we are not losers, we are lasers! Lasers are revolutionary. Lasers are the future.”

The album had some politically charged messages in them, highlighted by Words I Never Said. It criticized numerous government decisions, from budget cuts to motives behind war. I thought Skylar Grey’s role, singing the chorus was great, ‘Its so loud, inside my head, with words that I should have said. As I drown, in my regrets, with words that I never said.’

The most popular song was The Show Goes On. Although it is one of my favorite songs from the album, lyrically, it wasn’t typical Lupe. They were bland lyrics with a catchy tune, just a hit song to hit the charts, which was exactly what happened. Lupe himself wasn’t a big fan either, unlike other rappers today, his songs usually have actual meaning.  ‘Alright, till the morning we dream so long, anybody ever wonder, when they would see the sun up, just remember when you come up, the show goes on!’ It’s a great pregame warmup song, but not what you expect from Lupe.

Generally, the album was pretty good. Classic Lupe – catchy tunes and meaningful lyrics.  Its good to see he is back. Looking ahead, Fiasco may release Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. But, his last few albums were postponed and some were just ridden of entirely.

Rating: It was pleasantly kicking ass.


Death Dealers Track List

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01 – First Round, First Minute
02 – The Lost Boys
03 – No Guts, No Glory
04 – This Could Be Home
05 – At World’s End
06 – By The Wrath of Akakabuto
07 – If I’m A Failure, You’re A Tragedy
08 – Hope
09 – Death Dealers
10 – The Ivory Tower
11 – From The Depths of Hell
12 – This Ends Tonight